Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pop-up Spread

Charlie Pops Up!

One of our most exciting new projects is creating a pop-up version of the most wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Puffin.

The challenge set was to create an adaptation that tells the complete story in a significant way, including all the key moments, using only Roald Dahl’s original words. And to produce full colour, all singing, all dancing spreads using Quentin Blake’s fabulous (but not numerous) illustrations. I’m glad to say we think we have cracked it!

We retell the story in ten pop-up, pull-out spreads, brilliantly engineered by Iain Smyth (paper engineer extraordinaire). And through the wonders of photoshop and Rob’s fabulous design skills, we also (almost) have full colour spreads.

We have the huge privilege of working with Quentin directly (who before seeing our dummy, said he had thought it couldn’t be done!) and he is going to provide some exciting new artwork to fill in the few places where reusing artwork won’t quite cut it…

Here is a spread under development…

A child using an app

Apps underway...

We’re talking to lots of people about picture book apps at the moment and we’ll soon be revealing our first titles!

But this is why we think apps are such an exciting new development, specifically where picture books are concerned:

  • Picture book apps are not a replacement of the printed form, but a complement – potentially a further format in the life of a book, a natural move on from audio, novelty or board. An opportunity to interact in a new way with a favourite book or character
  • An app combines the joy of a much-loved book with the convenience of an iPhone – providing an opportunity to read and amuse anywhere, anytime – in cafe’s, when travelling, the supermarket – in places where the printed form may not be available
  • The touch screen presents the first real digital opportunity for full colour picture books – touch, plus children’s content, offers a dynamic interactive experience
  • Children embrace technology – digital books are fast becoming part of the culture of reading

And for the publishers...

  • The Apple App Store is already generating over 1billion USD in annual sales…even before the iPad arrives...